Wesbers & Albley was born through an indomitable love for exclusive watches and diamonds. Passion is our motive and what is more beautiful than sharing that passion with other enthusiasts? It is just fantastic to be working in this industry.


The design, the attention to detail and the aesthetics determine our choices. Eventually we are touched by the beauty and complexity of a beautiful timepiece or the proportions of a perfectly cut gemstone. It is the wearer who makes the watch or jewellery special, because it reflects his or her identity, feeling or deepest emotion. It becomes an extension of yourself.


Sustainable technology, history, craftsmanship and exceptional quality are core values ​​for these timeless masterpieces.

Therein lies the absolute value. A high-quality symbol for heritage, class and style is created through the utmost precision and commitment. You can expect the same from Wesbers & Albley!

Years ago, a predilection for the finer things in life brought Wesbers & Albley together. An agreement between these two gentlemen is not only the origin from The Netherlands, but also their preference for exclusive watches and gems. It's just nice to communicate with each other when you're on the same line. Two thoroughbred fanatics, that's in their blood. During their encounters, four eyes glint and at that moment time perception has become an unimportant aspect. Wesbers & Albley emerged from inspiration and ambition.

In the year 2019, Wesbers & Albley is led by a team of professionals, graduated from the Jewellers Academy Schoonhoven

The Netherlands and the Dutch Gemmological Institute. People with a keen eye for the beauty of exclusive watches and gems through more than 20 years of expertise in the field of buying and selling, both nationally and internationally. Reliability, service-oriented, affordability and authenticity are their top priority.

To guarantee customer satisfaction, we only sell original watches and top quality gems from renowned watch - and jewellery houses, always with international warranty, at a competitive price and at all times 100% authentic.

Of course Wesbers & Albley hopes to welcome you for an excellent and informal advice. Your wish is central. We will always try to comply to this. We do our work with pride and passion and are only satisfied if our customers are too.

Wesbers & Albley