All sorts of things that has some kind of mechanical or electronical engine will eventually worn out in the future. In these cases, you have two options, buy a new one or repair it. In case you take the second option and do so on a regular basis, you can extend the life of your most personal possession significantly and ensure that year after year you can enjoy your prized possession like the moment you bought it new.

Mechanical wristwatches feature a mechanical movement intricately made out of more than 200+ components, these components of mechanical works of art and craftsmanship will get worn over time and not operate as well as they did when they were new. The right time for servicing your watch depends on a variety of factors, one being how much you use your watch, or how high is the quality of the movement. In most cases you would expect that a higher quality movement lasts longer than a poor quality one.

For mechanical watches and especially high-end wristwatches, it usually makes more sense to service them than to simply throw them in the drawer when they stop working or when they start acting weird. It can either be because the wristwatch is irreplaceable and has a sentimental value to you, or it can be because the watch is expensive that servicing your watch is significantly lower than buying a new one.

The bottom line is that all mechanical watches will need to be served from time to time, and if you don’t service your watches, sooner or later, they will break or not work the accurate way they are meant to. We at Wesbers & Albley got you covert if you want to service your watch. We work with certified master watchmakers who have experience with the most demanding brands like Rolex, Omega, Audemars Piguet and Patek Philippe to name a few. 

Quality and good equipment go hand in hand to bring a repair to a successful conclusion. That is why the workshop of our master watchmaker is equipped with the latest and most modern equipment that is used in the Swiss Haute Horlogerie. The Swiss precision tools are also present in the workshop to work on every watch brand, so that the watches can be repaired again and again according to the standards of the respected brands