Our team of experts perform every day on a high level when they carefully select our assortment, but every now and then desperate times needs desperate measures.


At Wesbers & Albley we know there are times that “off the shelf” does not cut it, because you are looking for something special. A watch from a specific brand, a limited edition masterpiece or a watch on your wrist that will turn heads most definitely. 


We understand that it’s not always easy to find the exact watch you want. We are very happy to help you out and are here at your disposal. After more than 20 years we build an extensive network of more the capable watch dealers around the globe. We can source the vast majority of watches across all luxury brands. From the rare and collectible to the brand new. We strongly believe we won’t have a problem finding your dream watch. 


To guarantee customer satisfaction, Wesbers & Albley only sells original watches from renowned brands and always with full international warranty, original box and documentation at a competitive price and at all times 100% authentic.


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